Lutherock Fall Festival

2017-11-20T02:29:10+00:00 October 31st, 2017|

Lots of fun was had during Lutherock’s Fall Festival which happened October 6-8. Fall colors were just about at their peak which made a beautiful backdrop for the weekend’s events. Seven families came together for a full weekend of Fall fun and fellowship. Some, who have been coming to the festival for 10+ years and some who came to Lutherock for the first time! For the first time this year, Saturday’s events were open to the public, and a crowd of folks showed up just for the days events which included hayrides out to the saddle, Apple Picking, making and drinking freshly pressed apple cider, bouncy houses on the main lawn and the high ropes course with zip line.

The theme for the weekend was how we are each beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Did you know that each apple seed grows a different type of apple tree? So, even though it might be a Granny Smith or Honey Crisp apple that you are eating each of it’s seeds would grow an entirely different kind of apple! That is how we are too, we are all human and each created in God’s image but we each have entirely different gifts that we’ve been given.  So, when we use those gifts we’ve been given the Kingdom of God is at it’s fullest potential!

A couple of other fun apple facts:

  • It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce 1 apple.
  • Don’t peel your apple! 2/3 of the fiber and most of the antioxidants are found in the peel of the apple.
  • There are 7,500 known apple varieties grown around the world.
  • 25% of an apple’s volume is air, that is why they float in water.
  • Apples are a member of the rose family.

We hope to see you at next year’s Lutherock Fall Festival for either the entire weekend or just for the day on Saturday.  The dates for next year are October 5-7, 2018 so save the dates!