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There are many reasons that camp-based programs are important, but the mentoring of youth in small groups by college-aged counselors is certainly the most important. Providing this mentoring in a safe environment surrounded by unique adventure opportunities that often happen in God’s creation adds to the formula for passing on faith and developing leaders. 

Scholarships are available to assure that camp is open to everyone.

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Adventures and growth in faith isn’t just for kids anymore. Adults are seeking adventure and the development of new skills. Adults also seek to grow in their relationships with one another while unwinding from the stress and demands of daily life.

Scholarships are available to assure that camp is open to everyone.

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“Love this place! Close to nature, close to God, and far, far away from electronic devices!”

Cindy Newman

“Simply beautiful. A place of peace and connection dedicated to God. A beautiful place for youth to connect and understand their faith better.”

Brian White

“Incredible place with incredible people, a true blessing to Avery County and every person who visits.”

Elcka Kitchen

“A beautiful, rustic, and peaceful retreat on one of God’s most wonderful creations- the Appalachian Mountains.”

Martha Hill

“Absolutely awesome time! Can’t wait to come back next year!”

Mike, summer camper